We rank second in the architectural decoration industry, third in the architectural decoration industry, and fourth in the architectural curtain wall industry across the country, China building decoration metal doors and Windows industry top 100 enterprises No. 1.enjoying the industry leader status in Shandong for 18 consecutive years.


We have won more than 300 national awards, such as China Construction Engineering Luban Prize, National Quality Engineering Award and etc.

We have won more than 400 provincial and municipal construction method awards, such as Mount Tai Cup of Construction Engineering of Shandong Province and Qingdao Cup.

We won the 5th Qingdao Mayor Quality Award as the only selected private enterprise and Top 30 Construction Enterprises in Shandong Province as the only selected decoration enterprise.

We presided over the compilation of some industry standards including "Technical Regulations of Temple Architectural Decoration Engineering", "Wood Parts of Architectural Decoration Engineering(Product Standard)", "Technical Guidelines of China Ancient Building Construction", " Indoor Pollution Control of Residential Building" and etc.

Through years of R&D and innovation in the technical field of the industry, we possess nearly 500 independent intellectual property rights.

We own more than 800 invention patents and utility model patents.

We have 82 qualification certificates in total, including 31 Class A Qualification Certificates, 11 Class B Qualification Certificates and 34 Class C Qualification Certificates.


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