Company Profile

Company Profile

Headquartered in Qingdao, we have offices across the country and including international collaborations and ventures. We boast of We currently operate six centers office in Qingdao, Beijing, East China, South China, Southwest China and London. This expansion gives us the opportunity to provide services in seven regions across China. Our DC + HD Design Institute in London has over 100 international first-rated designers, delivering our clients many award-winning and prestigious designs.

Decai Group has become a recognized and reputable name across China, leveraging our extensive experience, strength and diverse expertise. We have undertaken large venues for the Beijing Olympic Games and the SCO Qingdao Summit, as well as numerous landmark buildings across China and abroad, including Beijing Airport, Qingdao Airport, Qingdao Metro, Small Qingdao Service Center, Qingdao Citizen Center, Haitian Center, Tongguan Ancient Town in Changsha, and King’s Cross Station in London.

As an award winning company, we have won a number of honors including China Construction Engineering Luban Prize, National Quality Engineering Award, China Construction Engineering Decoration Award, China Well-known Trademark, National High-tech Enterprise, Qingdao Mayor Quality Award, Top 30 Construction Enterprises in Shandong Province and Top 100 Private Enterprises in Qingdao for outstanding achievements, and outstanding reputation in the industry. Our strength lies in our competitive advantages and our distinctive advantages.

Over the past 25 years, Decai Group has born, grown and leapfrogged, creating incessant industry achievements. We have adopted a strategy to “Tap into new infrastructures and new urban constructions, to build a green and smart exemplar within the whole construction industrial chain.” We uphold core values of “Honesty, integrity, quality and creative talent”, we offer customers supreme services with a professional ethos, specialized design, efficient management, homogeneous quality and premium services, thereby. delivering projects of the highest standard.

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