Decai Stock Holding subsidiary Zhongfang Design successfully listed on the "New Third Board"

On January 3, Qingdao Zhongfang Architectural Design Institute Co., LTD. (stock abbreviation: Zhongfang Design, stock code 874356) "New Third Board" listing ceremony was held in Beijing, Wang Runxiao, member of the Party Group of Shandong Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Deputy Director Wang Zhongqi, President of China Building Decoration Association, Wang Jun, member of the Party Group and deputy director of Qingdao Lao shan District People's Government, Guo Zhendong, Director of Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau, Zhou Xueyan, Member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of Qingdao Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jing Zailun, Chairman of Bank of Qingdao Co., LTD., Yu Jun, Chief Economist of Qingdao Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Zhang Mingju, General Manager of Minsheng Securities Beijing Branch and Co-President of Investment Banking Department, Liu Tao, Director of Survey and Design Department of Shandong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, Zheng Peng, Director of Qingdao Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Chang Xin, General Manager of Qingdao Blue Sea Equity Exchange Center Co., LTD.; Jiang Yongliang, Director of Qingdao Laoshan District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau; Xin Guo, Director of Qingdao Laoshan District Local Financial Supervision Bureau; Ye Decai, Chairman of Decai Stock; Liu Gang, General manager of Qingdao Zhongfang Architectural Design Institute Co., LTD. Leaders such as Ye He, director of Decai Shares and director of Qingdao Zhongfang Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. attended the listing ceremony and witnessed this important historical moment of Decai Design together with leaders of government departments at all levels in Shandong Province and Qingdao, leaders of regulatory departments, elites in the financial industry, long-term business partners of Decai Design, important customers and the management team of Decai Group.

At present, the business scale of Zhongfang Design has ranked the first echelon of architectural design enterprises in Shandong Province. In 2023, Zhongfang Design actively seized the opportunity of capital market reform and development, officially pressed the capitalization operation acceleration key of listing, and asked the listed companies to actively integrate and optimize the structure, improve the share reform, improve the planning, increase capital and expand shares. In the same year, the company moved to the Decai International Creative Design Center building, and gradually built a diversified innovative development design institute in the new era. On December 29, 2023, Zhongfang Design realized the new third Board listing, marking the company's high-quality development to a new level.
Member of Party Group and Deputy Director of Shandong Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Wang Runxiao
Vice Director Wang Runxiao congratulated Zhongfang Design on its successful listing in the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Share Transfer System (New Third Board) : Zhongfang Design is one of the earliest grade-A design institutes in Qingdao. Relying on professional skills and strong strength, Zhongfang Design has made excellent achievements in urban construction, urban renewal, historic urban protection, and beautiful rural construction, which is a shining business card of Shandong housing industry. The landing of the new third Board has injected fresh blood into the team of Lu enterprises on the New Third Board, and also provided valuable experience for the province's construction enterprises to break the circle and accelerate their development.
Laoshan District People's Government of Qingdao, member of the Party Group, deputy district head
Wang Jun
Wang Jun, deputy district governor, said in his speech: The listing of Zhongfang design on the New Third Board is a milestone of enterprise development, and it is also a reflection of the effectiveness of Laoshan District's overall promotion of high-quality development of private economy, setting a successful model for the high-quality development of enterprises in the city. I hope that the housing design will take this listing as an opportunity to ride the wind and waves and create brilliance again. Laoshan District will also standard the domestic first-class, constantly improve the style of ability and optimize the business environment, fully support the innovation and transformation of enterprises, and provide a good policy environment for the high-quality development of enterprises.
General Manager of Minsheng Securities Beijing Branch and co-president of Investment Banking Department
Zhang Mingju
Zhang Mingju general manager said that the current new urbanization, environmental protection construction and other fields have broad prospects for development, architectural design industry as an important pillar industry of the national economy, with great potential for development, housing design as the industry leader, out of a characteristic development of the broken road, once again standing in the industry development of the tuyair.
Chairman of Decai Shares
Ye Decai
Chairman Ye Decai expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels, competent authorities, partners, investors and friends from all walks of life who have cared about, supported and helped Zhongfang Design for A long time, and said that the successful listing of Zhongfang Design on the New Third Board is another important milestone in the company's history after the listing of the A-share main board. Carrying the glory and dream of all Decai people, it marks that Decai Shares once again leverage the capital market to move towards a new development peak and open a new development chapter. Decai Shares will continue to improve product innovation and market competitiveness, use technology to enable high-quality development of enterprises, expand new space for development, cultivate new momentum for development, and return investors and society with excellent performance.

As a well-known architectural design service provider in North China, Zhongfang Design brings together domestic and foreign design elites, gives full play to the front-end advantages of the value chain of the design institute, continuously explores the upgrading of the construction industry chain from the perspective of design, and builds the market-oriented operation mode of the design business of Decai Shares in professional configuration, talent training and design management. At present, the company has DC HD International Design Institute, International Digital Research Institute, Architectural Design Institute, Decoration Design Institute, ancient Architecture Design Institute and other branches, in the project planning, design and other business to help the green smart transformation and upgrading of Decai Stock, polish the professional brand of Decai stock design plate.

Standing at a new historical starting point, Zhongfang Design will continue to implement the core values of "integrity by virtue of quality by talent", adhere to the integrity of management, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, fully rely on the capital market, enhance core competitiveness, provide customers with better integrated and comprehensive solutions for architectural space design, and return to the society and investors with excellent results. Make greater contribution to regional economic and social development.

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